Services & Business Model

Electrical Power Energy Services

Future Energy Projects Development Company has the capability of proposing various power generation systems to meet the clients’ needs. Tapping on current state of the art technology in power generation, with the independence from being locked in onto a particular generation system by equipment manufacturers, Future Energy Projects Development and its partners are able to develop a system best suited to the particular requirements.
We focus on providing solutions the clients in energy efficiency and emission level control for generation operations by the implementation of the latest technology available for power plants that produces ultra-low pollution levels and high system efficiencies.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Power Plant

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant

Renewable Energy (PV Solar, CSP, Thermal, Wind, W2E, Biomass, BES)

Open Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant

Steam Power Plant

Power and Desalination (RO/MSF/MED) Plant

High Voltage Substations Controls and Automation ( Power Plant Controls, Gas Turbine Controls, Generator Excitation Controls, Vibration Monitoring and SCADA/ Substation Automation)

Business Model

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Projects Development and Concessions

System Integration, Retrofit and Field Services